Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PoE made simple on all Protege displays

Even though only the Pro4 and Pro6 have embedded Power over Ethernet splitters, and thus make it a simple one-wire run from a utility area to the display - NOW Pro8, Pro8a/w, Pro10a/w can also easily be professionally installed using simple CAT5e and PoE injector and splitters.  What are the specifics?  

See below for specs.  USE the 802.3at models for larger displays.

PoE Voltage Source Gear Requirement (IMPORTANT):
IEEE Std. 802.3af limits PSE power delivery to <13W at PD input (Type 1 PD). Pro4, Pro6
IEEE Std. 802.3at allows for 13W-25W power levels (Type 2 PD).  Pro8, Pro8a/w, Pro10

See the Power Consumption Specs on the website or call/email a wizard for more info.