Thursday, December 6, 2012

Borg Launches Android

And WinCE and Linux on our newest Pro8ltx platform.  Penultimate in affordability and reliability in a simple, elegant and rugged 8" form factor.  Plus the new ARM11 700MHz motherboard and CPU provide the most affordable full sized interface yet!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Borg Goes Live with Enhanced Website

November 22, 2012 Denver, CO. Borg Displays, Inc, the premier innovator of affordable in-wall embedded touch controllers, went live with a new website designed to better assist the wide variety of client types with information, support and online sales. 

Borg Acquires Interest in Next Generation Lighting Solutions

November 22, 2012 Denver, CO. Borg Displays, Inc, the premier innovator of affordable in-wall embedded touch controllers, announced today it has made a strategic investment in New Edison, LLC.  New Edison is a leading provider of commercial grade retrofit LED lighting solutions for a wide variety of retail, office and industrial applications. 

Alternative healthy living

Today on this day of thanks, I am thankful also for my daughters' passion to live a healthier lifestyle in all ways.  We will enjoy again an all vegan meal with the best ice cream I have ever had made from just 3 ingredients: coconut milk, vanilla bean and honey!  Live long and important lives.

Thanks we give to all!

Not just a North American notion but something we should all pause, ponder and go forth.  We live in an incredibly turbulent world as we sort out our issues living closer together on a smaller and smaller planet with now strained resources and results of our stewardship on this globe.  So don't waste the time, give thanks to those that deserve it and give forgiveness to those who do not.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

eVehicles vs Gas

It comes down to the density equivalent of energy storage in a gallon of gas which has significant infrastructure already vs that of a battery. Disclosure: I have bought 2 Prius now and generally like them and have test driven the Volt and really liked it - but it was the first model year - rebate was nice.  But also own a Tahoe which is a great utility vehicle for city street driving as well as a more gas guzzling XKR which gets my heart pumping again. 

Link here

Shrug early and often

Great Moments in Gov't Regs - Employees in CA must take lunch or be fired link

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

10 Important Facets of the NatGas boom

We will be in an expansionary economy for the foreseeable future - unless Obama succeeds in destroying the basis of capitalism.  NatGas link here

Monday, March 19, 2012

Borg deploys for NYC project

Borg was pleased to developed 80 custom backboxes, bezels, Pro10w platforms and audio accessories to accommodate strict requirements at a recent NYC project. The OEM program can easily enhance any installation type and size. Call for details.